Killer White

Killer-White-logo-1White Widow was one of the first so-called ‘white strains’, named after the flowers that become covered in a thick layer of white crystals during flowering. To create Killer White, we’ve made a selection using only the most potent plants, looking for those unique phenotypes that combine a mind-blowing high with extreme resin production.

Killer White stays relatively short, with moderate stretch during flowering. The sticky, resinous trim makes for an excellent, strong hash.

The buzz can be felt in both the body and head, and is long in duration.


  • Indoor: 50-65 days
  • Outdoor: Mid October


  • White Widow x White Widow
  • THC: 14-17%


  • 3 seeds +1: €18,50
  • 5 seeds +1: €29,-