I am looking for a good outdoor plant. Which strain do you recommend?

All GreenLabel strains are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, but when growing outdoor your chance of success largely depends on the weather conditions. In Northern hempisphere countries it can be beneficial to pick a variety that finishes early. As fall arrives and chances of rain increase, so does the chance of your precious buds becoming affected by mold and rot. Autoflowering varieties can be very beneficial when planted early, this way one can avoid the rainy and often wet fall conditions.

Can I grow in my windowsill?

You can, but it is not recommended. Cannabis plants require sufficient light in order to be productive. Growing under proper lights or outdoor in spring/summer will be much more rewarding. Placing cannabis plants in places such as a windowsill often result in stretched, lanky plants, which indicates a lack of light.

What is the best way to store seeds?

Always keep seeds in a dry, cool and dark place. For long term storage, consider keeping them refrigerated. This way the seeds should remain viable for at least 5 years. However, germination rates may drop after one year.

What kind of lights should I use?

The rule of thumb when it comes to light is; the more watt, the higher the yield. Not all types of light are suitable for cannabis cultivation. High pressure sodium (HPS) and fluorescent are commonly used as they provide a good lumen – watt ratio. Metal Halide (MH) is often used during vegetative stage.

What is a good strain for medicinal use?

This largely depends on the user, his/her medical condition and the desired effect. For pain relief, many medical users prefer an Indica dominant strain with a high CBD content. Migraine seems to respond best to Sativa’s (which are higher in CBN).