Automatic Widow

Automatic-Widow-logo-1Automatic Widow is a fast, yet potent autoflowering variety that is increasingly used by commercial growers.

Providing her with 15 to 18 hours of light will result in medium-sized plants that perform very well in a Sea of Green. Pruning is not needed, as she’ll grow a bulky main cola and a few side branches that fill up nicely with trichome rich buds.

The aroma is surprisingly pungent with sour, lemon-like tones.

Your free #OvergrowThePlanet seed – included in every seed pack – is an Automatic Widow. 


  • Indoor: 63-70 days (seed to finish)
  • Outdoor: 63-70 days (seed to finish)


  • Ruderalis x White Widow
  • THC 12-15%


  • 3 seeds +1: €17,50
  • 5 seeds +1: €27,50