AK Widow 47

Ak-Widow-47-logo-1AK Widow 47 consists of two strains that can be found on virtually every coffeeshop menu in the Netherlands: AK 47 and White Widow.

AK 47 brings a nice infusion of sativa genes into this cross, creating a slightly more uplifting high compared to the heavy knock-out stone of White Widow. The muscle relaxing and face numbing tendencies make AK Widow 47 an excellent choice for medicinal users. AK Widow 47 is a very versatile plant that can be grown in virtually any setup, whether it be hydro, soil or in a (micro) cabinet or tent.


  • Indoor: 50-65 days
  • Outdoor: Mid-End October


  • White Widow x AK 47
  • THC: 14-19%


  • 3 seeds +1: €21,50
  • 5 seeds +1: €33,50