About us

GreenLabel Seeds is an Amsterdam-based supplier of premium quality feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Our seeds come in two different sized packages: 3 seeds and 5 seeds. We always include 1 free Automatic Widow seed with every pack.

Our foremost ambitions will always be as follows.

We guarantee quality

In our crossings we use only the most vital and vigorous plants that nature provides us during our selections. Taste and potency are key factors in the development of new varieties, as are stable and uniform genetics.

Our seeds are guaranteed fresh and viable. We frequently check with retailers and our distributors to ensure the quality and freshness of our product.

We believe in the plant

We at GreenLabel firmly believe cannabis should be treated as a gift from nature, and that this plant deserves better than the way that it is looked at by many nowadays. Its healing and medicinal properties have long been ignored and underestimated, as many governments found it easier to stigmatize the herb rather than supporting and financing – unbiased – scientific research.

We support legalisation across Europe

Part of our profits are donated every year to the following pro-cannabis organisations.


ENCOD (European coalition for just and effective drug policies) has grown into a platform of 150 members, organizations, companies and citizens who want an end to the war on drugs. With lobby, actions and information we have strengthened their voice at the United Nations, the European Union and on the national and local level.


By organising an epic bike tour, MCBT raises sponsorship money to fund independent clinical research by a team of scientists studying the medical qualities of cannabis. Each year the ride gets bigger and the message spreads further.


Since 1999 more than 600 cities around the world have organised a Global Marijuana March. In Amsterdam, Cannabis Liberation Day advocates tolerance and a wider use of hemp as a sustainable material and stands up to the criminalization of the plant, the cannabis consumers, coffee shops and breeders.