GreenLabel Seeds #OvergrowThePlanet

GreenLabel envisions a brighter future. A future where our planet is green. Where cannabis can be grown legally in every country worldwide.

The time is now. Let’s overgrow the planet!

+1 for the planet

Buy any GreenLabel Seeds pack and you get one free Automatic Widow outdoor seed. Plant it anywhere you can and let Mother Nature take care of the rest. Let’s turn the planet green in no time! Join the guerrilla growing community on Instagram and Facebook. Hashtag: #OvergrowThePlanet

Support cannabis legalization

Growing and consuming cannabis are still criminal offenses in many parts of our world. We donate part of our profits to various international pro-cannabis movements. If you buy GreenLabel, you’re supporting the fight for legalization. Check out the pro-cannabis foundations that we’re supporting.

Growing tips

Automatic Widow is a resilient, easy-to-grow plant, capable of thriving almost everywhere. If you’d like more detailed information on outdoor growing, click here for useful tips from international growing experts.

New feminized strains


New autoflowering strains